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Question Title General knowledge Questions on Mythology/Religion

Ques:-Which holy book describes the Ten Commandents of Omnipresent God?

Ques:-Name the place where the crucifixation of Jesus took place?
Ans:- Golgotha

Ques:-Muslims glorify God in Masjids by saying, "Allah Hu Akbar". What does it mean?
God is the highest.

Ques:-In which garden was jesus praying when he was arrested by the group of soldiers?
Garden of Gathsameni.

Ques:-Which Holy Book states that " the soul could not be cut into pieces, burnt by fire or withered by wind"?
Holy book of Geeta.

Ques:-In which book did Lord Buddha give his first sermon?

Ques:-Who is the founder of ISKCON and the greatest exponent of Krishna Consciousness in the western world?
Swami Prabhupada

Ques:-What is the meaning of ' demigod' ?
Half God

Ques:-What is the name of first child of Adam and Eve?
Ans:- Coin

Ques:- Who tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge?

Ques:-What is 'Sin'?
Ans:- Doing things forbidden by Omnipresent God.

Ques:-Who is the most popular religious leader of Tibet?
Dalai Lama

Ques:-What are the three modes of material nature according to Bhagvad Gita?
Ans:- Ignorance, Passion, Goodness.

Ques:-Who is known as the mighty Lord of Death, according to Hindu mythology?
Lord Yamraj

Ques:- "Gayatri Mantra" is one of the most prominent prayers of Hindus. Who is worshipped in this prayer?
Sun God

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