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Question Title Some Important Abbreviations
A.V.E.S. : Acute Viral Encephalitic Syndrome.
B.C.T.T. : Bank Cash Transaction Tex.
B.C.S.B.I.: Banking Codes and Standard Board Of India.
C.I.C : Central Information Commission.
C.S.T.O : Collective Security Treaty Organisation.
CNLU : Chanakya National Law University .
D.I.I : Domestic Institutional Investor
DTH : Direct To Home
E.C.G.C : Export Credit Guarantee Corporation.
F.D.I : Foreign Direct Investment.
F.I.I : Foreign Institutional Investor.
GUAM : Georgia, Ukraine, Azebaijan and Moldova.
GAGAN : GPS Aided Geo-Augmented Navigation.
I.M.O. : Instant Money Order.
IBSA : India, Brazil, South Africa
M.R.O : Mars Recconnaissance Orbiter.
N.A.D.T : National Authority On Drugs and Therapeutics.
N.C.C.E : National Council for Clinnical Establishments.
N.E.I.A : National Export Insurance Account.
N.M.D.P : National Maritime Development Programme.
N.R.E.G.A : National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.
N.J.C : National Judicial Council.
O.C.I : Overseas Citizen of India
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